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Please note: All of the CEUs are being held at UH SJMC Community Outreach, 29160 Center Ridge Road, Unit R, Westlake 44145

#3143-Dealing with Difficult Patients and their Families

This interactive session will engage participants in discovering their definition of the “difficult” client and how this intersects with their own needs and the developmental tasks of aging. Building on this theoretical base, by discussing the nature of behavior and how the professional interacts with clients and families. This session will explore interventions that help to move a challenging situation to a posture of potential growth.

Thursday January 26
12:00 pm

CEU Provided by Senior Bridge
Refreshments by Cardinal Health Care (River Pointe Care Center)

1 contact hour for social workers, nurses or CCMs

#3144-Grief Speaks-What to Say and What Not to Say

Difficult conversations arise in client and patient care settings every day. Communicating difficult information is a critical and necessary skill. Participants will be better prepared for these conversations upon completing this workshop

Thursday February 16
12:00 pm

CEU provided by Julia Ellifritt, LISW-S, Program and Education Director of Cornerstone of Hope Refreshments provided by West Bay Care Center

1 contact hour for social workers and nurses

#3145-Effective Communication Strategies

Communication is more than just talking and listening-it is also about sending and receiving messages through attitude, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. As people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias progress in their journey and the ability to lose words is lost, families need new ways to connect. Join us to explore how communication takes place when someone has Alzheimer’s, learn to decode the verbal and behavioral messages delivered by someone with dementia, and identify strategies to help you to connect and communicate at each stage of the disease.

Tuesday February 28
8:00 am

CEU provided by Alzheimer’s Association Refreshments provided by O’Neill Health Care, Bay Village

1 contact hour for social workers and nurses
RSVP- 877-597-6348

#3146-Providing Guidance and Comfort at the End of Life

This program allows healthcare professionals to feel confidently well-informed about the services and benefits of hospice and palliative care. It explores the complicated decisions facing persons dying in the hospital and offers strategies for having difficult discussions with patients and their families

Thursday March 16

CEU provided by Laura Hazen, Education Director, Hanson Services, Inc Refreshments provided Life Care Center of Westlake
1 contact hour for social workers, nurses, counselors and case managers

#3147 Tastes Like Chicken: An Exploration into Taste and Smell in the Aging Population

Learn of the changes in taste & smell as we age and how it can affect our nutrition in this interactive presentation.

Tuesday March 28
8:00 am

CEU provide by April Suva, CDP Arden Courts Refreshments provided by Arden Courts

1 contact hour provided for nurses and case managers

#3148 Grief and Vicarious Trauma

This program will define grief and trauma and list ways to support those experiencing trauma.

Thursday April 6
12:00 pm

CEU provided by Hospice of the Western Reserve Refreshments provided by The Gardens at Westlake
1 contact hour for nurses, social workers, counselors, physicians and CCMs”


#3149 That Could Be My Child

There is an epidemic of opioid abuse and diversion in Ohio that has resulted in more deaths from un-intentional drug overdose than from motor vehicle accidents. Research shows that kids whose parents talk to them about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs are up to 50 percent less likely to ever use than children who do not have these critical conversations with a trusted adult. This course presents Ohio drug overdose data and factors that contribute to the problem. Learn who is at risk, and strategies to recognize and treat drug abuse and addiction.

Tuesday April 25

CEU provided by Stein Hospice Refreshments provided by O’Neill Healthcare, North Ridgeville

1 contact hour for social workers and nurses


#3150 Identifying and Reducing Stress and Burnout for Healthcare Professionals

Recent studies have shown that healthcare providers are at high risk for career burnout. The effects of burnout directly impact our coworkers, the healthcare system, and most critically, the recipients of care. This discussion will address the importance of and methods for identifying signs and symptoms of work related stress common in healthcare settings. Recognizing when stress is present can help decrease the severity and is key to avoiding burnout. This discussion will review multiple strategies for identifying and reversing burnout when it does occur. Additionally, this interactive session will give participants the opportunity to discuss case examples and to evaluate their own risk of burnout.

Tuesday May 9
8:00 am

CEU provide by Senior Bridge Refreshments provided by Rose Senior Living

1 contact hour for social workers, CCM and nurses


#3151 Broken Heart Syndrome: "You're Missing"

Bruce Springsteen's song, "You're Missing" describes the pain our hearts feel with loss. A broken heart is not just a concept but an actual syndrome. This presentation will explain and describe the science behind a broken heart and the direct impact loss has on our lives. We will review how health care professionals can assist those grieving and at risk for a broken heart. Speaker: Kristin Kitzmiller MSW, LISW-S

Thursday May 25
12:00 pm

CEU provided by Crossroads Hospice Refreshments provided by Home Instead Senior Care

1.0 contact hour for nurses and social workers

3152 Positive First Impressions: How to Establish Confidence, Competence, and Trust

It takes thirty seconds to make a first impression. Whatever happens during that time sets the stage for future relationships with customers, clients, patients, and others we meet for the first time. Negative perceptions can damage trust, disrupt teamwork, and compromise our opportunities to assist others with expressed needs. Impressions are created not only through face-to-face communication, but also listening skills, body language, phone etiquette, e-mail, and vocabulary. We are constantly sending both intended and unintended messages about our skill to make desired impressions. What do your communication skills say about you?

Tuesday June 13
8:oo am

Presenter: Susan Fee M.Ed., PCC, Lakeshore Educational CEU Provided by Symphony at Olmsted Falls Refreshments provided by Avon Oaks

1 CEU for social workers, nurses and counselors

3153 Boundaries (An Ethics Course)

Having healthy professional boundaries is essential to good practice; with the lack of professional boundaries being one of the most common reasons clinicians have their license revoked. We will discuss appropriate amounts of self- disclosure, boundary crossings, boundary violations and areas of risk.

Thursday June 22
12:00 pm

CEU provided by Julia Ellifritt, LISW-S, Program and Education Director of Cornerstone of Hope Refreshments provided by Our House
This workshop fulfills the state’s ethic requirements

1 contact hour for social workers and nurses


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