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Gregory Bloxdorf, D.O. FACOEP/FACEP

Director of Medical Education
Program Director of Emergency Medicine Residency Program
Program Director of Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Residency Program
Phone: 440.827.5574
Fax (confidential): 440.827.5573

Pamela Billick, MSLS

GME Administrator
Phone: 440.827.5576
Fax (confidential): 440.827.5573
Recruitment, Program requirements, Salaries, Benefits, Contracts

Courtney Conrad

Sr. Residency Coordinator
Phone: 440.827.5784
Fax (confidential): 440.827.5573
ERAS application, Application requirements, Interview dates

Robyn Luce

Emergency Medicine Residency Coordinator
Phone: 440.827.5579
Fax (confidential): 440.827.5573
EM questions, EM ERAS applications, EM application requirements,
EM interview dates

Tameisha Pollard

GME Assistant/Secretary
Phone: 440.827.5985
Fax (confidential): 440.827.5573
Residency training verifications

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